5 nights in 'The City' (again)


I’ve said this over and over again and I’m sure you’re all pretty bored of it but just in case you don’t know I heart NYC. I’m a sucker for the city because everything is just amazing. The people are friendly, the buildings are overwhelming and the food choices are to die for.

I wasn’t going to write a post for this holiday but I randomly changed my mind so I’m writing this post in my notes at 5am because of jet lag (life of a cabin crew)

My friends haven’t been NYC before and suggested we should all go so me being the adventurous one I quickly put together an itinerary and off we went.

We flew with Virgin and as always the flight was amazing. I didn’t get my food choice but the wine made up for it.

Once we arrived we dropped our bags at the hotel (The Time New York) which is on W49 Street. Excellent location, amazing service and they have a pretty cool bar too.

I wanted my friends to get a real NYC experience so we hopped on the infamous subway and went to Katz Deli, sadly they were closing so we went to Sweet Chick Life which is a few doors down on  (178 Ludlow Street).

If you’re a chicken and waffle fan you’ll love this although you may want to share as the portions are huge.

Day 1:

Kicked off by going to Uptown Harlem, the area is always full of life which I love because it reminds me of Brixton. We ate at Sylvia’s (Queen of Soul Food) on 328 Lenox Avenue which is a very popular soul food restaurant in the area. From mac & cheese, sweet potato, candied yams, fried chicken to collard greens you name it they have it.


Tip: try to go because 1pm as it can gets really busy

After filling our bellies we walked around Harlem exploring then took the subway downtown to the World Trade Center.

I’ve been to NYC three times but it still feels so emotional every time I go down there.

In the Evening to celebrate one friends birthday & a recent engagement for another friend I booked us a table at Beauty & Essex which is on the Lower East Side - 146 Essex St.

The ambience in there is cute, it’s definitely date night worthy although it can get a little loud in there. When you first walk in you’re met by a pawn shop. Don’t be scared you’re in the right place you just walk through to see the most amazing staircase leading you to a bar which has great lighting for pictures! (Always a bonus)

Tip: make sure you book or you won’t get a table I booked in London via open table

Jet lag got the better off us so after a few drinks and food we were off to bed.

Day 2: Breakfast at Juniors, we missed the Macy’s parade *cries* so we just went for breakfast at juniors which is a two minute walk from the hotel.

They sell everything from cupcakes, pancakes to a thanksgiving meal lol. And their hot chocolate is lush too!

After breakfast we soaked in the city and walked to The Rockfeller Center to ice skate which was probably my favourite moment of the trip. I’m a big kid so I loved it, it just felt so Christmassy. If you’ve ever been to ice skating at Somerset House you’ll enjoy this too!

The price varies according to the time of year but it’s no more than $40 including the hire of the skates.

Tip: Wrap up warm as you’ll freeze

After ice skating we took a stroll down 5th Avenue and soaked in the city a bit more until it was hometime...


Day 3: Black Friday - Shopping, Shopping and more Shopping. We went down to Woodberry Common, the lines were long but it was worth it! We then came back to the city and spent more money than sense in Sephora on 34th Street.

Tip: Try to get there as early as possible

Day 4: Bottomless Brunch Saturday

You can’t go to NYC and not indulge in a little bit of brunch activities. We went back uptown to Harlem and spent the afternoon at Angel of Harlem - 2272 Frederick Douglas Blvd.

Drinks and food came up to about €60 but it was so worth it. As per, the wait is long but the vibe was amazing. The music is popping, everyone is up on their feet dancing, the drinks are so strong you’ll definitely leave a bit tipsy (or like me completely wasted)

The rest of the night was a complete blur from this point....

Tip: Don’t drink too fast and start dancing straight away like me... it won’t end well...


Day 5: last day :-(

As our flight was in the evening we packed all our bits, checked out and headed out for food and last minute shopping.

We went back to Harlem (I know we just loved it there) and had soul food from Ruth’s, the decor is very old school... basic table and chairs but it’s very authentic and you get the feel once you sit down and look around. Although we arrived around 11am the wait was an hour long so we walked around and went to the supermarket to get candy & frozen waffles for our family and friends back home.

I went back to one of my favourite store after lunch - Bookmarc on Bleecker Street to get a cute key ring for my car and playing cards which are great gifts for friends back home who love blackjack.

Our flight was 7pm local time so off we went back to the hotel for our taxi and waved goodbye to NYC over the bridges...

Tip: to make the most of your trip book a flight that lands into NYC in the daytime and goes back into the evening.



November is a fairly cold time so take a few jumpers and a warm coat to be on the safe side as the temperature drops dramatically in the evening.

NYC will probably see me again in the summer where my journey for food places & soaking up the city continues... 

What's your favourite thing to do in NYC?



1 night in Paris



I've been to Paris a few times, the first time was for my 25th birthday, second was for a half marathon then recently again for my 29th birthday. As I'm a big walker and pretty much enjoy starring at art work I travelled alone on this occasion just so I could really soak in the city.

I stayed at the BOB Hotel by Elegancia which is a little boutique hotel. It's literally a 100 metres from Penerty Metro and takes u to the Lourve, Eiffel Tower and all those fancy places in under 30 minutes... bliss

Long Queues are not my thing so I booked my ticket for the Louvre Museum well in advance so I just walked in and enjoyed the views. If you like contemporary art then you might not like the Louvre as its not the TATE or the MOMA but I only went to tick it off my bucket list and see the Mona Lisa.

You can't go Paris and not take pictures of the Louvre...

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

For breakfast I visited HolyBelly which is like The Breakfast Club, then a few hours later I had an early dinner at L'avenue which is tucked away behind Champs Elysee's, I urge you to go to both places as their really nice places to eat.

As I only had one night (and half a day) I crammed in all the places I wanted to go to, as Colette is closing down in December (sad face) I took a trip down there whilst sipping on my hot chocolate from Angelina Paris before I caught the Eurostar home!

Until next time Paris...

Let me know your favourite places in Paris...