Music Monday: Adele 30 sec snippet

If you were watching X factor yesterday you would have be on the edge of your seat as Simon gave out brutal honesty to his group category. We all know Simon can be a bit abrupt but last night he was in full motion. You would have also noticed during the ad break a 30 second snippet which featured no name, no face but just a black screen with piano chords and then Adele's voice appeared singing the following words...

 “Hello, it’s me / I was wondering if after all these years / you’d like to meet to go over everything / they say that time’s supposed to heal ya / but I ain’t done much healing ...”.

I think its fair to say Adele broken the internet last night as I was in awe and I'm sure everyone else was as in seconds she was trending - now that's what you call the power of social media and great ad campaigns. 

Hopefully her album will drop on the 20th November and I will be getting my hard copy to accompany 19 and 21! 

I think its safe to say Adele is back!!!

Video taken from @mikeypiff