Places to try: Burger lovers

I'm a big fan of burgers, one would say they're not the best thing to eat in terms of trying to stay in shape but the odd burger here and there has never done any harm.

Some ladies may wish to be wined and dined at Michelin restaurants but I can assure you a dinner date at a burger joint is the way to my heart. Ask any of my friends and they will tell you I'm a burger lover.

I thought seen as I love a good ol' a medium slapped in between a bun at least once a month I would give you my top 5 and yes I said medium not rare nor well done...

1. Honest Burger

You'll usually find me tucked at their Brixton home in the village. Don't be surprised if you arrive and its packed it's a tad bit small in there. The lovely staff will take your number and give you a shout once when there's a table, giving you time to have a wander round the numerous local concept shops I guess.

Once you're in it's fairly simple: five different beef burgers to choose from chicken if you're not up for a greasy bun or a vegetable fritter.

The beef is medium cooked served in a glazed bun and their chips are seasoned in rosemary salt ~ Simples! 

2. Byron

Yes I know it's a no brainier that I would pick Byron, I've actually bumped into a few peeps who don't like Byron but I’ve had great moments in there and will never have a bad word to say. You're never a mile away from a Byron wherever you work or live but my fav is the one tucked away on Beak Street.

They have a big range of burgers to choose from on their menu, if you’re up for getting sides the mac & cheese and fries are just lush!

3. Shake Shack

Again the wait for Shake Shack can be a tad bit annoying but it's worth it! I first tasted their juicy buns in NYC and recently in Dubai and thought 'ohhh it tastes exactly the same'. Starting from a mere fiver it won't pinch your pocket either.... Make sure u get the cheesy fries and a milkshake too - thank me later when you've taken a great picture for Instagram and Twitter. 

4. Dirty Burger

Now everytime I go into DB I feel like I shouldn't be indulging in one of these bad boys. It's such a juicy burger its unreal, again it doesn't cost an arm and a leg starting from just £6. The menu is really simple and if you're feeling peckish their onion rings go down a treat. If you're ever out in Shoreditch and need a quick grub DB is a good shout.... 


This little place on the top of Wardour Street is a little gem to me. It's a great #FatFriday visit with friends and the staff are really nice in there too. I warn u the burgers are fairly greasy but all the same its delish!!!


Piccy's were nicked from the burger joints IG pages x