Music Monday: November playlist

Over the weekend I was glued to Soulection Radio Show w/ Sango, they never let me down with their soulful sounds and calm tunes. I also had a listen to some new music from one of my favourite indie singer and songwriter. Small in size with the most angelic voice, Londoner - Sharon Nipah (know as Nipah) graced my timeline with new music titled 'Down'. Some would say her sound resembles Erykah Badu as they have both gone against the norm in music. And last but of course not least my new addiction is #Newgenradio. (Presented by Caroline who’s also an editor at GRM daily) I always miss the weekly Sunday show that airs on Radar radio because I’m at church when its live but it’s always uploaded shortly after so I get to ‘Soundcloud and chill’ to tunes from up and coming artists while listening to discussions…Bliss! I think its safe to say Soulection, Nipah and New Gen Radio have made my November playlist.

What's on your November playlist? Let me know :-)