Despite up’s and down’s I do have some favourite 2014 moments, I won’t bore you so I’ll keep it short and sweet I guess.

January – March

The beginning of the year began like every other year – in church then off to house party – enjoying the New Year with the Lord then friends. Every other month I try to have a fun day in London, trouble is I can never really drag anyone along with me so I took my God daughters to the Children’s festival month at the Southbank centre. February was a fairly quiet month; I probably only left my house once for a drink, which was at The Boundary in Shoreditch and also spent the night in The Hoxton, Shoreditch. March saw me complete one of my biggest accomplishments yet. I ran a half marathon in Berlin and it was an amazing experience – painful but nevertheless amazing. Berlin is a cool city and if you haven’t visited it I suggest you do because I will be going again for sure just so I can taste the burger I had from at The Bird.

April – June

Kicking off April I started my ‘fun day in London’ at Martin Creed’s – What’s the point’ Exhibition at the Hayward Gallery. With my God daughter’s being fairly young to attend I went with my friend Holly.  I will admit I did endure one too many fun days in April: The V&A and Natural History museum including afternoon tea at the Marylebone Hotel for my friend’s birthday. And then came May (my favourite month of year even though my birthday is in August), I adore May because the sun comes out to play, days are longer and you don’t feel guilty being out on school nights. Running my second 10k race I did Nike’s ‘We own the night’ a women’s only yearly run in Victoria park. I really liked that race because it was the first time I didn’t complain or stop. Bring on the next one! June was nice, I rocked up to a 5k Vitality Hackney run and my fun day in London was probably one of my best. I took my God daughter’s to the London eye. Now you may be thinking ok big deal but I can count on my hand how many people I know who have been on the big Ferris wheel (My God daughter called it that lol). Exhibitions are one of my past times so it was nice to end it at Somerset House for the #RudeboysReturns and another night at The Hoxton, Shoreditch, only this time I experienced one of their random rooms. (I stayed in The Nelson and it was just lush)

July – September

Hello July, hello Barcelona. After NYC I think Barcelona is the next best thing, a beautiful city with 101 things to do, trust me when I say you won’t be bored. A long weekend and hand luggage will do for this trip (and yes I was over 10kg at the airport). My first night was spent at Club opium that looked out onto the beach; I then spent the morning after by the rooftop pool at the B hotel. (Beautifully designed I may add and not far from the metro either, taking you literally anywhere you wish to go in a matter of minutes). Because I love hotels I had to visit the W hotel not only for a night out but just to adore the sleek design and the great atmosphere it upholds. By Sunday I was exhausted so literally just spent my last two days sight seeing (Museu National D’art De la Catalunya, Magic Fountain of Montjuïc, Sagrada Família, Museum of Contemporary Art and the famous La Rambla). August – my birthday month! You’ll be surprised to know I didn’t actually do but except hand in my resignation. I loved being a teacher but marking books, being restricted to travel and not being able to pursue PR had taken its toll so I quit and counted down to my last day. The year before I spent my birthday in Paris but this year my friends surprised me to a crazy day at Go-Ape. My day in London in September was spent in good ole Shoreditch down at the Bird – Chicken, waffles and syrup. Yummy! (I know yet again Shoreditch LoL – I promise I will try other areas in London in 2015).

October - December

October was pretty chilled as reality sunk in; I wasn’t going to be an English teacher anymore. Some would say I’m crazy for leaving my paid job and going to intern yet again but I always say to myself ‘Things will work out Christabel, you’ll get you’re dream job in PR’. Before I started my internship The Hoxton invited me to attend the opening night for their new hotel in Holborn - an immersive theatre with many unexpected moments allowing visitors to explore the hotel in an unconventional style - one word to describe my evening - Shamazing (That a new word btw). My fun day in London was spent at the Frieze art fair in Regents Park with my friend Kofi who likes spending time at exhibitions like me. Between buying presents for loved ones, preparing for Christmas and enjoying my internship November was a pretty busy month, I went ice skating at Somerset house, dinner at Hubbard and Bell and spent another night at The Hoxton, Shoreditch (every new employee gets a free night – cool right?) enjoying a hanger steak from the Hoxton Grill and another random room of course (I guess you can tell where my love for Hotels has stemmed from)...

December for me was a mere reflection month, despite having a slight set back I promised myself I would push my writing skills, secure a career in PR, explore my love for hotels and become a travel blogger, in hopes I could travel the UK and other parts of the world visiting hotels and simply reviewing them while soaking up the local area of course!

Despite a few blimps overall it’s been a fabulous year however I’m ready for 2015 and all it entails.

How was your year?