Well hello there 2015!


After stuffing our faces with turkey with all the trimmings, exchanging gifts and drinks all types of guilty wines; it’s that time of the year again where we all make New Years Resolutions. Every year I only have two goals but this year is a little different.

1.    Secure a career in PR (same every year) – My friends and family must be sick to their stomach hearing me saying I will conquer the world of PR. Surely its been a long time coming but this year with hardwork and determination I will secure myself my hearts desire!

2.    Read more books and my bible (same every year) – Being an ex school teacher, reading is something you have to love.  I enjoy reading new books and I’m currently reading Perks of being a Wallflower. Growing up in a church and now simply enjoying it I try to dedicate more time to my Women’s bible by T.D Jakes

3.    Run more races – I’m not the best runner and I don’t want to be, I just like doing it. After joining Run Dem Crew in March 2012, I’ve been lucky enough to run with some amazing people and it’s part of the reason why I want to travel as well because they travel world wide to different races – that’s right we don’t just run round Shoreditch. I’ve got a Paris Half marathon coming up in March and will look for another half in another European city too. (Pinky promise).

4.    Become a Travel blogger – stating the obvious I know. After several months of having a blog where I just posted poems and short stories, I felt like I needed to do something different with my time. Agreed I’m not the best writer in the world but I surely know how to get people’s attention. I’m excited about the blog and this time next year I know it will be filled with insightful journeys.

5.    Venture the UK & Europe – I won’t walk before I crawl so I won’t say I’m going to travel the world just yet. These things take time but I will definitely explore the UK and Europe finding well-known hotels and hidden gems too!

I would say more but having 5 seem just right for now. Wish me all the best please! What are your New Years Resolutions goals for 2015?