Little Black Classics


After University, reading was something I hated, simply because I read so many books, journals and archives that I knew I would never have to read again. Through trying to find a job I became an unqualified English teacher and my love for reading went through the roof. It was good for the mind, I learned new words, knew what I was actually teaching to the students and it encouraged me to keep on writing/blogging. I’ve been reading The Perks Of Being a Wallflower for quite some time now, if you’ve read it before you might understand why it’s taken so long… It feels like I’m reading a children’s book, which is strange because Charlie the main character is perceived has an intelligent student by his English teacher.  While I battle to finish reading about how Charlie is trying to live his life being socially awkward I’m going to start reading one of the Little Black Classics that Penguin recently released. To celebrate their 80th birthday they have produced 80 Little black Classics all priced at 80p (Bargain!). They won’t take very long to read as they're mostly short stories which is ideal for me because my attention spam is getting shorter and shorter (& it's going to be fab for my tube journeys to work). From the 80 books I bought two LBCs: Jane Austen – The Beautifull Cassandra along with Karl Max & Friedrich Engels – The Communist Manifesto.

What books are you reading this month?