Places to try: Peckham Refreshment Rooms


Growing up I only have one memory of SE15… “Lock the doors we’re in Peckham,” my aunty would always say this as she drove past the Burger King.  I didn’t really like going to Peckham because it just seemed scary and every time I went to a hair shop I was hounded outside by someone saying, “Do you want me to do your hair darling?”...

Rewind to 2015 and Peckham has formed its own little village with coffee shops and restaurants you actually want to go in. I took a trip to Peckham Refreshment Rooms a few stones away from Peckham Rye station and the food was slush. The small menu sports typical British dishes and the wine list is top notch. I won’t bore you anymore but if you like steak I suggest you head on down there!

What I ate: Bavette Steak

Address: 12-16 Blenheim Grove, London SE5

Average meal price: £20