My August travel reads

I spend a large amount of time away from home, commuting and on deep night flights serving tea and coffee in and around Europe. Other than being slightly tired I hate being in the galley bored or having to force a conversation with anyone who would like to just sit in silence.

Luckily I was kindly sent these magazines recently, which I absolutely love:

Riposte Magazine issue 6

A magazine for smart women who like to get self Indulged in stories about other fascinating women who have great achievements and doing incredible things.

Danielle Pender Editor in Chief and Founder magazines' format consists of 'Five Ideas, four meetings, three features, two essays and one icon'. If you're into unapologetic stories along with great art, design, music, food and travel definitely pick up a copy. 

My favourites from the mag:

Pg 11 Out of control

Pg 90 Friends

Pg 108 The oracle that is your pussy

Bedboat issue 3

Living in London (inner city to be exact) you don't really get to explore the great outdoors so when I opened Bedboat I felt a great relief of fresh air. With Editor-in-Chief Hazel Gibbens, being a great photographer each page has flawless pictures that seem to tell a great story. 

Being based in Exeter, Bedboat's ethos is to be an honest publication that shares stories, photos and illustrations from creatives with a real passion.

Covering up and close personal interviews with musicians and cute poems, travel, interior design, food and fashion if you want a breath of fresh air this is the one for you.

My favourites from the mag:

Pg 28 Plant Matters

Pg 28 Dress in Black, Draw in Colour

Pg 60 Fearless Ideas

 Lyra Magazine issue 1

This is for my ladies (& men) who love to read bold feminists perspective on society, politics and the arts'. Editor-in-Chief Georgina Grays' first magazine issue is full of thought provoking essays and articles. Taking inspiration from The Gentlewoman and Riposte Magazine it offers a wide approach to how society should talk about women. 

My favourites from the mag: 

Pg 30 The orgasm now

Pg 46 Sh!

The Fourth Trimester issue 2

Now I'm not a mother just yet but I can't wait to be a mum one day. I follow all the cool mums on Instagram and one of them includes Amy Rose the Editor of The Fourth Trimester, that aims to support mothers in that difficult and rewarding journey after birth.

All the articles are written by mums who want to share their stories to help other real life yummy mummies during the fourth trimester (you know... the sleepless nights, constant milk making and changing nappies moments)

If you're an old, new or mother to be I urge you to pick up this golden treasure.

My favourites from the mag: 

Pg 4 Apprentice

Pg 21 What does breastfeeding look like?

Pg 49 How to survive a long haul flight with a toddler