1 night in Paris



I've been to Paris a few times, the first time was for my 25th birthday, second was for a half marathon then recently again for my 29th birthday. As I'm a big walker and pretty much enjoy starring at art work I travelled alone on this occasion just so I could really soak in the city.

I stayed at the BOB Hotel by Elegancia which is a little boutique hotel. It's literally a 100 metres from Penerty Metro and takes u to the Lourve, Eiffel Tower and all those fancy places in under 30 minutes... bliss

Long Queues are not my thing so I booked my ticket for the Louvre Museum well in advance so I just walked in and enjoyed the views. If you like contemporary art then you might not like the Louvre as its not the TATE or the MOMA but I only went to tick it off my bucket list and see the Mona Lisa.

You can't go Paris and not take pictures of the Louvre...

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

For breakfast I visited HolyBelly which is like The Breakfast Club, then a few hours later I had an early dinner at L'avenue which is tucked away behind Champs Elysee's, I urge you to go to both places as their really nice places to eat.

As I only had one night (and half a day) I crammed in all the places I wanted to go to, as Colette is closing down in December (sad face) I took a trip down there whilst sipping on my hot chocolate from Angelina Paris before I caught the Eurostar home!

Until next time Paris...

Let me know your favourite places in Paris...